Fujian Revolutionary History Memorial Hall

This will be the Japanese Abe Kishu military coat, booty obtained when in November 1939 the Eighth Route Army troops killed Yang Chengwu in the Japanese army at the Battle of Abe Kishu Huangtuling in.

On November 3, 1939, the Japanese army aroused by Hebei Yuanyuan City completed the first brigade of the second brigade, and was annihilated by the Eighth Route Army. In the early morning 青浦油压全套 of the next day, the Japanese army independently became the second brigade leader, and more than 1,500 brigade, from Yan Yuan, was enrolled in Huangzhuang. On the 7th, 闵行区南美水疗飞机 Yang Chengwu, commander of the First Military Region of the Jinchajun Military Region, according to the accurate Japanese intelligence, and the Ministry of Huangli Canyon is cast. This war, the Eighth Route Army annihilated more than 900 people, and seized a large number of military supplies. Killing the Japanese Army "Famous Flower" Agong will be the first time in the history of the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese war history, for this respect, the enemy is sad, the Japanese military North China army commander Outian Junjun lamented: "The famous flower withered in Taihang Mountain .

"At the beginning of 1941, when the army coat and command knife of the Aquia were sent to Yan’an, Mao Zedong gave this military coat special award to Dai Mirror to recognize his important role in deciphering Japanese 全国高端私人预约 military secret.

Dai Mirror is Fujian Province Yongding, long-term engagement work, and served as three ministers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army after the establishment of New China. In June 2007, he donated this special vault for more than 60 years to the Fujian Revolutionary History Memorial.

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