Compact responsibility high standards high quality win Winhu protection attack

Original title: Compound responsibility high standard high quality wins Wuhu protection attack on November 10 It emphasizes to study in 上海698水磨 departing from Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization ideas, effectively put idea, action to decision-making deployment, with the most stringent system, the most effective measures, and the most powerful supervision, and protect the governance of Wuhu. Liu Hongjian emphasized that the problem is to 上海东皇娱乐会所 focus, seeking truth from facts, scientific treatment of the lake, accelerating the short board for the protection of the protection of the protection of Wuhu.

To compact responsibility, be responsible for the Lake, defending the lake, guarding the lake.

It is necessary to 上海按摩论坛419 coordinate the planning of Wuhu Protection and High Quality Development.

To strengthen the ecological environmental protection propaganda, we have to carry out the consciousness and enthusiasm, high-quality, high quality winning of the people of Lake Lake. (和 茜) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.