Fuzhou Gulou District People’s Procuratorate and raise the justice for the people "combination"

Since the launch of the political and legal team education, the people’s procuratorate of Fuzhou Gulou District will "do practical things for the masses" as an important content of education and rectification, and will perform the prosecutive and serve the work through the education and rectification, and promote the transformation of learning and education. The practice initiative of the service, actively responding to the people concerned, and the judicians are deeply doing.

Guangkai Road "listening to public opinion" Gulou District People’s Procuratorate adopted "going out, please come in", seeking advice from all walks of life to prosecutors and procuratorial work.

On the one hand, inviting the legal professional community members of the lawyer circles, the leaders of the public security organs into the district, convene a team education and rectification and prosecutation symposium, accurately soliciting the current prosecutive work, the team construction, and more than 20 suggestions. To the education and rectification, social participation, supervised by social reviews. On the other hand, the leadership of the hospital will lead the team to the Fenghu Community, the Sports Center Community to carry out the "Prosecutor’s entry" activities, combined with the goal requirements of education, smooth the people’s appeal channels, face-to-face understanding of the judicial needs of the masses, and solicit the procuratorate Suggestions on the observations of procuratorial work.

Optimization Services "Casual Directive" Perfect Facilities provide "all-round" services. Built into the "12309" one-stop procuratorate center, play the information of the information and develop "Pocket Turning" online service platform, build a new style of control service service, online, palm, telephone ", further smooth service Channels and improve service levels. Precision solution provides "point-to-point" service.

Comprehensive implementation of the "The masses have a reply" system, through strengthening the responsibility system of the first pick, solid "every letter must be" people’s heart project, and the various letters and visitors are procedurent within 7 days, handle within three months Process or result 爱上海同城419 reply rate of 100%. Pay attention to the increase in cases, actively carry out the standards of clean-up work, through the leadership case, point-to-point implementation, etc., properly solve the complicated and long-drakele letters. Secret "service is provided." The "10 measures to provide facilities for lawyers" "" About Strengthening the Regulations on Strengthening the Regulations of Regular Member of Regular Conference ", etc. Adjustment and services are available.

Establish an investigation and mutual evaluation work mechanism, regularly carry out the exchange of conhanging exchanges, providing a strong rule of law guarantee and quality legal services for building a modern rule of law.

In-depth grassroots "solving the worries" in-depth campus launched the 上海油压服务论坛 rule of law.

Combined with primary and secondary school opening ceremony, the "Turk of the Vice President" "The Rule of Law Counselor" "Rule of Law Counselor" role, the normalization of the "Rule of Law into the Campus" activities, sent to teachers and students, parents sent the "big gift package". This year, "Intra-Prospecting Youth Propaganda Group" has been preached 7 times in five primary schools such as the first primary school affiliated to Fuzhou Education. In-depth enterprises to help compliance operations.

Combined with important nodes such as "315 Consumer Rights Protection Day", relying on multiple prosecutors established in Golden Niu Mountain Internet Industrial Park, Angs Intelligent Co., Ltd., and the key enterprises 上海妹子自荐 established, the service tentacle continues to the first line. By sending the law into the form of enterprises, facing the legal issues in business development in business, helping to build legal risk prevention mechanisms. Joint Fuzhou Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment, Visit Fuzhou Changjia Information Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Palm Zhongyun Technology Co., Ltd., surrounding the difficulty of copyright disputes, the content of the intellectual property legal risk prevention and warning, etc. The evidence is fixed and preserved, and the lack of the lack of third party appraisal agencies in copyright field provides mechanisms. Enter the community to provide volunteer services.

Combined with traditional festivals such as Jiujie, play the party branch, the majority of party members, go deep into the streets and communities, etc., providing volunteer services for difficult people, and listening to the opinions of prosecution.

(Tang Jiayu) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua).