2021 China New Financial Summit holds a small full share of financial 上海龙凤自荐论坛 science and technology division

A few days ago, the new financial summit in 2021 was successfully concluded in Chongqing and made a fruitful results.

At a grand event, a number of cooperative initiatives and research results were unveiled at a grand event that was brought about by Chongqing and even China. At the financial science and technology forum on November 24, the SME CEO Zhu Guang was in the subject speech, showing the technical achievements and important practices of the small full-service micro-users.

The small full of financial technology, continuously reduces the financing cost of small and micro enterprises in the speech, the size of the CEO Zhu Guang said that the anti-crown epidemic, reverse globalization, raw material prices and labor costs increase, so that the uncertainty of business operations, small The vulnerability of microconnegic industry is more significant. Since the epidemic, the small and full of financial institutions have been, and the individual industrial and commercial households have provided more than 700 billion yuan without mortgage credit loans.

At the same time, the size of the miniature is continuously reduced by small micro users. Since 2020, the average interest rate of small micro users has dropped by about 20%, and the per capita loafer has increased by 65%.

In the speech, Zhu Guang also introduced practical practice in reducing the financing cost of small and micro enterprises. First, through artificial intelligence, big data technology, accurate identification of small and micro credit, for small micro enterprises accurately blood transfusion; second, output financial technology capabilities, help financial institutions to increase the efficiency; third, build leading supply chain financial technology Platform, significantly lower minor financing costs. (Figure is a small full CEO Zhu Guang) Chongqing is the development of a small marketing financial supply chain technology to provide the development of the Internet industry to the development of the supply chain. Zhu Guang is very optimistic about the development of financial technology in Chongqing. space.

He said that as a high-quality core enterprise in Chongqing, he gathered a large number of high-quality core enterprises, providing a broad market for the 上海男士水磨养生会所 development of supply chain financial science and technology. Previously, Zheshang Bank’s original president Xu Ren Yan officially entered a small full-time, responsible for supply chain financial science and technology business, allowing financial technology more effective to apply to core enterprises and the financing scene of the upper and downstream small and micro enterprises, reducing the financing cost of small and mini companies. Talking about the layout in Chongqing, Zhu Guang revealed that the current daily investment of 12.9 billion yuan in Chongqing, and will continue to invest in the future, and increase talent and research and development.

It is also reported that the smart wind control product of the degree is selected into the pilot pilot of Chongqing Financial Science and Technology Innovation. This 上海水磨私人工作室 year has passed the supervision test and successfully out of the box. Xiailde also actively practice social responsibility, and issued more than 30 million yuan of public welfare far-free loans in Chongqing, covering 8 districts and counties such as Xiushan, Wanzhou, Fengdu and Wuxi. In this financial science and technology forum, it is a new idea to solve small and micro credit difficulties in small and micro credit difficulties in small and micro credit in this Financial Science and Technology Forum. It is believed that more small and micro enterprises can benefit, better assist in the long-term development of smaller and micro enterprises in the joint efforts of the financial technology companies represented by the menstruation. Editor in charge: kJ005.