Chengdu Jinjiang Tax Personalized Service Employment for High Quality Development of Enterprises

Signing ceremony of the Integrity Tax Proposal.

Jinjiang District Taxation Bureau for the map of People’s Network, November 17th, "We are very proud of this honor, thank you very much for Jinjiang Taxation has always been concerned and support, and the high recognition of our active fulfillment of social responsibility, we Confident, in this harmonious gain, high-quality business environments, enterprises have become more and better, and make more contributions to regional economic and social development! "Wang Hao, a representative of the National People’s Congress, Wang Wei, Chairman of Qiyang Automobile Group, Sichuan Province Comrade Jinjiang Tax Gifts in Chengdu said.


Recently, Qiyang Group’s Qiyang (Chengdu) Investment Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu Qiyang Zhongtai Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is awarded "Integrity Tax Tax Three-Year A Class A) by the Jinjiang District Taxation Bureau for three consecutive years. Honor. Chen Bin, president of Qiyang Group, believes that "For a long time, the group company has always adhered to the integrity management, consciously fulfilling the tax obligation, can get this honor brand, and our group adhering to the heart to be a heart, doing people with gratitude," Culture is related to the high-quality taxation service with Jinjiang tax.

"It is understood that the Jinjiang District Taxation Bureau takes the opportunity to further deepen the tax collection and management reform, take measures to improve tax service quality, and create basic matters team, tax service team, risk business team, three major business sequence teams in various tax source management units. After the integration of the tax service team, the taxation department backbone talent formation has formed "Gui-TET TECHNI" "Special people" "special person" "special person" visited key enterprises, returning to enterprises who have met tax issues, and responded to enterprises to provide precision services, helping companies have a good risk; "Question, special officers run the" special "to ensure the" specialization "to ensure that the problems will be resolved as soon as possible; the special officers of the tax source management unit are" special "to conduct policy propaganda and counseling in the jurisdiction, help taxpayers accurate application of 上海油压资源群 policies , Correctly declare tax payment, help enterprises to control the policy. Responsible for Qiyang Group’s "Tailing Service Map" member is Deng Xue, Teng Sheng, two people to send policies, send services, through personalized services The company firmly puts a good risk, policy off, and injects more "tax" to enterprise development.

"By optimizing tax credit evaluation incentives and quality taxpayer work, we can enhance the honor of trustworthy taxpayers, further improve the taxpayer’s tax law compliance, and realize the taxpayer’s profit and social integrity tax system to improve the win-win situation.

"The relevant person in charge of the tax service of the Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation Bureau said.

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