Colleges and universities may organize courses in the name of "postgraduate" "Doctoral"

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "Ordinary Higher Education Institutions (Trial)" (Trial) "(Trial)" (Trial) "(hereinafter referred to as" provisions "), making clear provisions for colleges and universities.

  According to the person in charge of the 松江大学城学生300一次 Ministry of Education, the person in charge of the Adult Education Department, in recent years, there have been partial positions in some colleges and universities in my country, and the main responsibility of the school is not implemented. The management system is not perfect, the quality assurance system is uncomfortable, according to the implementation of the management system. Especially in cooperation with social institutions, there are some profit tendencies, which have gain corruption, affecting the brand reputation in colleges and universities.

"In this regard, the Party Central Committee, the State Council attaches great importance to the central leadership comrades to make an important instructions for the regulation of non-academic runners, and put forward clear requirements." The person in charge said that the Ministry of Education has formulated this version based on investigation research. ".

  Chapter 3 of the "Regulations" Clear: Colleges and universities may not hold a course training class in the name "Master, Ph.D.".

Non-qualified education for society is not allowed to take the "Leading Cadres" "President" "Elite" "Leaders" and other 上海浦东洗浴特殊 names, and may not present the promotion of leading cadres. "State" clarify the responsibility of college entrance school, should be based on self-recruitment, self-service, self-management, establish school non-qualified education for long-term planning, annual implementation review, financial audit, supervision and inspection mechanism, and incorporate into the school party committee ( Standing Committee) Meetings and the "Triple and One Great" decision-making.

It is strictly forbidden to enrollment in the university commissioned institutions and strictly control non-academic education cooperation.

If there is any cooperation needs, we must adhere to the main status of universities, strictly forbidden to transfer, decentralize, and let school management rights, school rights, enrollment rights 上海龙凤按摩 and teaching rights.

  "Provisions" requires colleges and universities to implement the importance of non-degree education, and the number of inlet management must not establish a department or department that actually holds non-degree education.

  In addition, this provision has made detailed requirements in enrollment, teaching quality, finance, conditional protection.