2021 Jilin Province Network Security Publicity Week opening

According to the overall deployment of the National Network Security Promotion Week, the opening ceremony of the Jilin Provincial Network Security Promotion Week, hosted by the Jilin Provincial Party Meeting Office, recently held in Changchun. The activities are closely rounding the theme of "cybersecurity for people, network security by the people", closely combined with the reality of Jilin revitalization, and widely gathered all parties, 上海水磨桑拿论坛 adopting various means, continuously improving the network security awareness of all people, and comprehensively enhance the broad masses of the people in the network Sense of space, happiness, security.

The opening 上海品茶90分钟两次 ceremony is clear, highlights.

The unveiling ceremony of "Data Collaborative Security Technology National Engineering Laboratory – Automotive Data Security Research Center" was held.

Inviting network security experts to conduct online main presentations around new economic, new state conditions.

Jilin Provincial Committee Network Office announced 10 units listing "Jilin Provincial Commission Network Network Security Technology Support Unit", and awarded four technical support units. Issue "I am a network security initiative to issue a letter of" I am a network security endorsement ".

The network security spokesperson to be widely disseminated, and the strong atmosphere of people to protect the security of network security.

The province is 上海逍遥网论坛 straight, the relevant departments of the relevant departments (units), Changchun City directly relevant departments (units), and other 150 people participated in the event. The opening ceremony is broadcast online through the network, and the number of people in online is more than 270,000. (Jilin Net Letter Office).