Chen Mengshan: Vigorously open the new situation of feed mulberry industry development

Chen Mengshan, the original party group of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chen Mengshan, attended the first Silkworm Economic Forum online exchange (video screenshot) People’s Network Beijing June 8 (prince), the first Silkworm Economic Forum Beijing was 上海浦东新区站女 held. Chen Mengshan, secretary of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Director of the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee, said in the forum, vigorously promoting the development of mulberry feed, not only further broadening the development and utilization of agricultural resources, but also meeting the expectations of farmers in poverty-stricken areas, big Prospects. "In recent years, we have seen feed mulberry as a new and huge development prospect for new applicable crops." Chen Mengshan introduced the road, the study shows that the feed mulberry has many common feed crops that cannot match the advantage.

First, nutrients are good.

Compared with the recognized excellent feed alfalfa, the mulberry pulley per kilogram is more than 10% higher than the protein content.

The 青浦区赵巷浴场哪家好 carbohydrate content is 30% higher. The crude fiber is less than 50%, the crude fat is less than 10%, and rich in vitamins, minerals, etc., the feed mulberry is recognized as a potential high-quality feed. Second, good economic performance. The product and feed rate of feed mulberry is significantly higher than that of similar crops. The unit area industry is higher than the alfalfa, the big leaf acne, Yangshu, etc., the feed mulberry is also 4% -10% higher than the alfalfa and poplar leaves.

According to experts, a hectare mosaic garden can produce 2500 kilograms of plant protein, is a multiplier of soybeans, replaced by feed mulberry, and pigs can increase the slaughter rate of 3% -4%, deans, eggs. Time can increase 20% -30%. The third is good social performance.

Feed mulberry-feeding livestock products, nutrients, rich in calcium, zinc, tin, and vitamins, harmful substances remain far below the national green food limit.

At the same time, the mulberry trees have greatly developed in the hillous mountain, salt alkali beach, does not occupy basic farmland, and can effectively alleviate the pressure of population resources.

Fourth, the ecological performance is good.

Mulberry has strong adaptability, can cultivate water sources, reduce soil erosion, and have an ecological governance function such as wind-resistant sand, protecting and purifying air, and also use Sangki fish pond and develop rural tourism. Environmental ecological benefits and increased economic benefits of farmers’ 上海干磨工作室微信 income.

Vigorously develop feed mulberry, have a huge market demand, have a good development basis. "Future, I look forward to more departmental institutions, corporate people are involved in the development of the mulberry industry, vigorously open new situation in the development of feed mulberry industry. In order to promote the implementation of my country’s rural resolution strategy, new and larger Contribution. "Chen Meishan said. Live link:.