Dawangkou: "Red Engine" piloting country revitalization

Shizuishan Dabukou District is the most profound industrial city in Ningxia History, who can think of this city has a hole. The city is clean, clean and tidy, the scenery, pleasant long-winged street offices, the scenery of the Tide Lake Village, attracting many tourists to see "Fang".

"Mining the hundred years of history and culture, non-legacy cultural, farming culture, combined with the existing Wenchang House and other ancient buildings and civil and military, traditional social fires, etc. Traditional ancient village.

Zheng Benli, secretary of the Changsheng Street Party Work Committee, said this year, Chaohu Village continuously optimizes the construction of village infrastructure and human residential environment. It is designed to create, cultural excavation, and enhanced, and strive to achieve the village per capita disposable income of over 10,000 yuan.

Xinghai Town Orchard Village, the village is as good as its name, a pastoral scenery, there is a "poetry and distant" in the city.

Relying on the "beautiful country" project, the orchard is built into a sightseeing and picking garden, folk cultural park, leisure fishing zone, creating a variety of rural tourism destinations integrated in a catering, entertainment, leisure, and picking sightseeing. In order to consolidate the residential environmental rectification results, the village also implemented the integration system, the red black list, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the villagers, promoting the village by "external beauty" to "inner beauty", "one time, beautiful" to "continuous beauty" .

"From January to September this year, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in Dawukou District reached 28,228 yuan, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 12,146 yuan, and" On October 30, the main person in charge of Dawukou District said, " The establishment of the district committee and district 上海水磨实体店 government leadership package, and went all possible to promote "four major improvement actions", grasp the key, catch the short board, and the difficulties.

In order to promote millions of immigrants to enhance the improvement, Dawukou District vigorously develop the suburban modern facility agriculture such as Fuhui Xiangfu, promote the development of agricultural products and the integration 上海闵行哪里有洗浴会所 of literature industry.

In Xinghai Town Reconstruction Improves 2473 mu of facilities, gradually promoting a number of new technologies such as straw biological reactors, drip water fertilizer integration, and driving the immigration industry acres in increasing 2,000 yuan. In order to promote urban and rural residents’ income promotion action, the major Wukou District coordinates a number of strong initiatives such as subsidies, labor output, and employment guidance, and realize 4,147 urban new employment, and the rural labor transfer employment is 6095.

Take 10 autonomous regions and municipal-level entrepreneurial incubation demonstration bases, 811 in the entrepreneurial entities, and starting from 4049 employment. The public welfare position has been placed in 1134 employment difficulties. It recovered the legal income of 12.26 million yuan for 637 labors; 10,000 people such as low-income, disabled people.

The power of the ship is in the sail, the power of people in the heart. Focusing on the "four major enhancements", Dawukou District in strong organization, grasping the governance, breeding team, puts the industry, and party organizations all levels are like "red engine", and to invest in strong power in a comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.

Through vigorously implemented "Village Collective Economy of 100,000 + Consolidation Program", the Danwunkou District cultivated the rural tourism, Xingguang Village special vinegar factory and other a batch of benefits, good prospects, can bring rich village collective economic project.

The industrial community of industrial communities, innovative village enterprises, resource sharing, industrial complementary, interest, and enterprise complementation, constructing "mass development, collective income, and enterprises to build" the masses have become rich, collective and income, and enterprises ". Up to now, 12 villages collective economic income reached more than 50,000 yuan, and 10 villages collective economic income of more than 100,000 yuan. (Reporter Zhu Li Yang) (Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.