Belarusia issued a rescue material for border refugees

  Xinhua News Agency Minsk November 13 (Reporter Lukin) Belarusian President Luchenko ordered a refugee point near the Braz border 上海外卖服务自带工作室靠谱 area, and 上海完美kb新地址 distributed rescue supplies for refugees.

  Lukashenko emphasizes first to rescue children and ask for humanitarian assistance to refugees. According to Baitong Society, more than ten tons of humanitarian relief supplies, including bread, milk, water, health supplies and warm clothes, 12-day transportation to the border refugees gather. Belarusian Red Cross, White Society Enterprise Organization, etc. participated in the rescue.

  Belarus Foreign Minister Marki said in an interview with Russia on the 12th that Belarus was prepared to respond to Western pressure and sanctions with the most stringent measures. Solving border refugees requires parties to conduct normal, responsible, equality and mutual respect. Both Poland, Lithuania and the European Union blame Belarus with the refugee crisis of the European countries 爱上海贵族宝贝龙凤 and the Belarus border, but white side said that Western sanctions have caused Baifang to control refugee tides. Since August this year, in order to enter Western Europe, Germany, more and more refugees from the Middle East goes to Belarus into the EU member states from Poland and Lithuania, and the border control pressure of the two countries has increased.

According to reports, due to not enough food, water and medical security in the border area, coupled with the need to avoid the arrest of Poland and Lithuania, the refugee situation is difficult, and many people have died. (Editor: Gao Ge, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.