Chaoyang Shuangjing Street introduces social capital to explore the "Government + Central Enterprise + Social Capital"

Original title: The cattle and new roads have been explored by the centralized stream, and the 40-year-old old community-Shuangjing organic community completed the transformation. The old community transformation is not a new thing, but the centralized old community has launched the lessons in recent years, because of the factors such as the use of financial funds in the urban area, this old community has been difficult to find the path.

This year, Chaoyang Shuangjing Street introduced social capital and creating a new model of renovation of the industrial population of 上海高端外卖新茶 "Government + Central Enterprises + Social Capital".

Effect: The old community became beautiful and beautiful, and the reporter came to the organic community in the north of Jinsong Zhongjie.

The road is opened, and the old building in front of you is beautiful.

The gallery of the community garden is new. The surroundings are planted, and the collar green bamboo is planted. The moving basketball stand and the brake pool are added. Going back, the room is also new. The old dining table, the Chamber of Deputies, the book, the kitchenette, one can find a good place here. In the spring of the spring, the reporter visited here before the transformation. At that time, the community from the environment to the function, there were more unknown outside the outside.

The relevant person 松江大学城多少钱一次 in charge of the Shuangjing Street Office introduced that the transformation involved 8 old buildings, divided into organic and chemical two communities, and its property rights were the Oriental Petrology of Central Enterprises. "These years, we have been east, and we will continue to find funds to retrofit the catastrophe community. Sometimes they can squeeze out from party and government services." The person in charge of the Shuangjing Street said that the money in the east can only carry out small repairs. Small supplement, thorough big changes.

This is not only difficult for Double wells.

According to statistics, there are more than 60 million square meters of the old communities in the city, and about half of them belong to central enterprises. According to the relevant regulations, these 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛 communities cannot use the integrated renovation funds of old-level small communities in the urban area. In order to open the plug, the Shuangjing Street Office set up the platform this year, inviting the Social Capital Vision Group to join, explore the new model of "Government + Central Enterprise + Social Capital". Breaking: Introducing the Social Capital "Space Replacement Service", from the "Star Community" of hundreds of meters – Jin Songbei.

In 2019, the first social capital in the city opened the old community transformation to open.

On the source of funds, the land governments, social capital jointly fund, and high standards. In the persistence, through the idle space of the tray, a micro-profit and sustainable operation. Can this model that can marry a central producing community? "The renovation of the central production is completely non-government subsidies, which puts higher requirements for the operational capacity of social capital.

"The Visiting Group City Update Division Zheng Yumi told reporters that Oriental Petrochemical will be equipped with a room and along the street business to hand over to the Vision Group in the form of a limited space.

They will be implanted in the residents, such as the old-term dessert store, tailor shop, community cafeteria, etc., turning Jinsong China Street into an convenience service demonstration. The calculation shows that the investor is about seven or eight years after seven or eight years later, and the investor is approximately the renovation costs and achieves tonic sustainable operation.

"Use of space for service", the head of Shuangjing Street Office will summarize this 6 words.

The new model will realize the government’s financial reduction, the property rights unit reducing investment, the quality of residents’ life, and the social capital realizes the economic benefits. Key: What should I change the residents’ opinion cell? Each resident has its own needs and ideas. Let most people satisfy, relying on a negotiation of a discussing agenda.

"We have opened more than a dozen different levels. The designer introduced the plan, collecting residents’ demands." Li Jinghua, the party secretary of the Liu Dong Community, said that most of the young residents work busy, they use the holiday meeting, let the discuss negotiation The link covers all households to the greatest extent. Respect the opinions of the residents, put the little troubles as a big thing to solve: the height of the handle pool in the garden is not very friendly to the children, the designer immediately starts to modify; the square dance love is complaining about the basketball stand, change it into the mobile basketball stand; not The small person hopes that there is a place of the tanker. In the garden, the garden has added a drying rod; the corner of the corner is difficult, and the parking space is adjusted … The cell transformation has brought the real happiness of residents. "The organic tongue of Jinxiu Community is talking, Mirsuo and Tongju Yongye is happy." The resident Li Grandpa wrote the next couplet and was engraved on the garden gallery. The second community separated by a street also launched the transformation. In October This year, the double well 8 old buildings will complete the organic updates.

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