Guizhou provinces are unprecedented by the big series of Ji Decoes "Decisive in this DPRK" filming team into Ah

On August 27th, Guizhou Province, poverty, large-scale series, "Decisiveness in this chapter" film team, walk into the Jingfang Town, Yunzhai 上海乐东品茶微信 Village, Telling Ah, from "chaos" to "stable", from " The beautiful butterfly change of the problem village "to" demonstration village ".

Under the leadership of the Party Workers’ Committee and the Branch of the Village, focus on flowers, plant lotus roots, develop rural tourism, jointly create a beautiful home, and do new models in rural resolution.

In the past 上海海选油压 2020, it was a decision of the poverty and resolutely won the victory. The absolute poverty problem of the Chinese nation is about to be historically placed in thousands of years.

"Decisiveness in this chance" with the perspective of leaving the poverty, sharing exchanges and precise poverty alleviation, precisely poverty alleviation experience, concentrate on making documentary films, and fully promotes the results of poverty.

The Guizhou TV Taiwan series "Decisive Wins in this chapter" will choose to shoot in Ahzhai, will further help the development of Ah, improve economic benefits, and help rural residence. (Chen Rongqing Zhao Caijun) (Qi Lin Yu, Chen Kangqing).