Domestic natural gas winter preservation is fully launched, to locate 175 billion cubic meters of resources in advance

  On November 13th, the impact of the cold wave, this winter, the heating season in the northern region has come in advance, and the domestic natural gas winter premium has been fully launched.

The reporter is in the Tianjin LNG Receiving Station, which is also the largest liquefied natural gas receiving station in the northern region. In the peak winter peak, there is an average of nearly 100 million cubic meters of boat every two days.During this year’s winter, Tianjin LNG receiving station will emerge in the second berth, which is also the receiving station 上海桑拿保健网 of the first double berth, and will receive 13 transport ships per month during the winter peak period.

In Hebei Tangshan liquefied natural gas receiving station, the staff has hosted the tank to high cans, reaching 87%, preparing for winter air supply in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.Up to now, China has locked the natural gas winter insurance for about 175 billion cubic meters, and the key guarantee companies have increased 上海浦东便宜的野鸡 the amount of resources for natural gas in the northern region.