China Construction Third Bureau to carry out new employees to help new employees grow up

In order to help new employees grow better and faster, closely combine the theoretical knowledge, understand the project operation, China Construction Third Bureau Beijing Company Shandong Branch Luxi Reform Expansion, Taianren and Jiayuan and other projects launched new employees to get off work group event, new The employee and project construction team excellent worker master is a teacher, and follows Master to learn a team 上海松江哪里妹子便宜又好 skills, master the relevant principles, to collect key technologies, and strictly serve basics."This time I experience, let me know that the live workers are not easy. Wanzhang high rise is flat, they all have been built through them, the hard work, let me know how to succeed on the road, as new employeesTo get down, do it work hard, but also learn to work hard, only to take every small step, you can take every step! "Tai’an Ren and Jiayuan project new employees Xi Weidi said.