Baotou Customs help foreign trade enterprises seize overseas markets

  Recently, the value of more than 1 million US dollars produced in Northern Heavy Automotive Co., Ltd., issued from Tianjin Port to abroad.

  It is understood that in the past two years, more and more overseas orders in Northern Heavy Duty Automotive Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia is accelerating the growth rate of foreign trade business. At present, the export has accounted for nearly 60% of the company’s operating income, and the company presents high quality development trend.

This is closely related to the company’s "golden signature" with a high-level certified enterprise of AEO.

  AEO is the certified operator of Customs, is a foreign trade main body that meets the corresponding supply chain safety standards.

Enterprises through customs AEO senior certification, not only can enjoy many preferential services such as domestic 上海娱乐水磨价格 priority customs clearance, exclusive coordinator services, but also enjoy VIP identification of the mutual recognition of customs and fast customs clearance. Inner Mongolia Northern Heavy Duty Automotive Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and research and development of miners. The four months of the first 9 months of this year have nearly 50 million US dollars, an increase of 750% year-on-year. "Customs 上海奉贤快餐女 high-level certification is equivalent to a high-quality" pass "for enterprises to carry out international trade. Through this certification, it helps to significantly improve the comprehensive management level, and help companies have achieved advantages in market competition and enhance international competitiveness." Wang Yu, manager of the company’s import and export department. In order to help companies fully enjoy the Customs AEO policy bonus, this year, Baotou Customs will cultivate corporate credit as the important work content of "I do practical things for the masses", active docking focus, backbone foreign trade enterprises, home publicity policies, and willing to certify Enterprises implement credit cultivation, regularly analyze business data such as error rate, and help companies improve management weak links.

Statistics show that Baotou Customs have conducted nearly 30 guidelines for 6 companies this year, two companies are about to pass certification. At the same time, Baotou Customs also equipped with specialized corporate coordinators for senior certification companies, tracking the company’s priority customs clearance, facilitating customs clearance, deepening corporate differential management. (Reporter Liu Xianping) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.