Beijing Leadership Reclaimed the Bill of the Work Bill to seek grassroots suggestions

Original title: City 上海魔都桑拿论坛 leadership, the provision of the Office, the Bill, the Bill, Suggestion, Suggestion, this newspaper is an important innovation of the capital grassroots governance, and the recesership has formed a series of practical results. Through legislation, for consolidating reform results, forming a long Effective mechanism significance.

Recently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, 阿拉上海后花园419 the city leaders successively consistently requested the Work Bill to seek the representatives of the city, districts, township three people major, organizers, representatives, and public masses. In the past few days, the city leaders Zhang Yankun, Cui Yanqiang, Qi Jing, Yin Yong, Zhang Fandi, Sun Meijun, Mo Gao Zhi, Xia Linmao, Du Fei, Yan Ao, Li Yingjin, Hou Junshu, Zhang Jiandong, Yan Zhenjiang, Lu Yan, Yang Bin, Wang Hong, Yang Jinpo,亓 亓 军, Lu Yixuan leads to Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Mentougou, Tongzhou, Shunyi, Changping, Daxing, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing, etc. . Everyone combines their respective work, the actual life, and suggests advice from improved handling efficiency, classification, and perfect assessment mechanism.

The city leaders listened carefully, detailed records, requiring relevant departments to study absorb, and improve the regulations and improved, so that they really become the "People’s Service Law" that the public is a good life year. The city leader pointed out that the reception is to practice the initial mission, implement the vivid practice of the people-oriented thinking, is the effective mechanism of the party building leading the grassroots governance, answering "Let the people live happiness is the big" big "" Deep proposition. Practice has solved a lot of people "rush to expectations", created the "Beijing Sample" in large urban governance.

  City leadership requirements, fully understand the importance of the legislation.

Carrying out the registration of legislation is an inevitable requirement of deepening the achievement of reform and innovation. It is an important manifestation of the will of the party and the people as the legal will. In order to further improve the working mechanism, improve the standardization of grassroots governance.

Fully listen to the suggestions of all parties, and promote the implementation of the work and effectively improve the quality of legislation.

With the publicity of the "barometer", constantly strengthen the active governance, the unplanned, tightly "seven have" "five-sex", actively respond to high-frequency common problems, promote the modernization of grassroots governance system and governance. Adhere to the party building leaders, rely on the masses, launch the masses, and promote the formation of the joint mechanism.

Improve the evaluation mechanism, pay attention to mobilization and protect the enthusiasm of the first-line cadres, summarize the use of beneficial experience, innovation, and to deepen the reform to reform into new vitality.

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