Hangzhou Tonglu release intellectual property "bonus" to promote high quality development

  "The financing is difficult, and the financing has always been the development of our SMEs. It used to apply for loans to the bank, need to take the factory, equipment mortgage.

Now it is good, you can apply for loan funds through a valid patent certificate, which can be solved our big problem! "Recently, Hangzhou Tonglu Huabang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. successfully applied for a 3 million yuan loan with the invention patent work, successfully allowed enterprises to" knowledge "change" assets "." Intellectual property results transformed into ‘true Gold Baiyin ‘can inject fresh’ blood. Zhou Sichen, deputy director of Tonglu County Intellectual Property Protection Center, said the intellectual property pledge financing, the cost of borrowing is very low. On the one hand, crack the corporate financing bottleneck; on the other hand, it also promotes the innovation and development of intellectual property work, and injecting strong kinetic energy for enterprises.

  From January to September, there were 143 new invention patents in Tonglu County, an increase of 160% year-on-year; as of September 30, the effective invention patent has 699 pieces. This series of bright transcripts is a vivid portrayal of high-ranking in Tonglu County promotes intellectual property work.

  Since this year, Tonglu County has been interested in intellectual property ecology, continuously strengthening intellectual property creation, protection, use, management, providing strong support for the high quality development of the county.

Actively carry out the "Ten Policy of Intellectual Property" to redeem 1289 million yuan to the 117 enterprises, to invest more than 1289 yuan to innovate in innovation; establish a medical device industry intellectual property promotion meeting, based on intellectual property, based on collaborative development, effective Integrate resources such as funds, talents, and technology, and earnestly help companies solve intellectual property challenges. In addition, the intellectual property service is inserted with "digital" wings, and the high quality development will save energy.

At the end of August, the intellectual property monitoring service platform officially launched, providing patented trademark search analysis, patent hosting, annual fee warning, project declaration, rights assistance, etc. Free public welfare service.

  "Platform and the National Intellectual Property Office database realize seamless docking, establishing county patent stores, using big data analysis to 上海浦东刺激的浴场 solve data acquisition in intellectual property management work, analysis and application, self-management, etc., according to Tonglu County Medical Device, pen, knit, express equipment and other special industries, establish a block industry patent database, better meet the needs of government regulatory services and corporate innovation.

"Zhou Sic introduced the road, since the platform, the service 上海海选的场所 company has been serving more than 1,40 enterprises, helping companies solve more than 140 patents, trademarks.

  In addition, Tonglu also launched "China’s IP Intellectual Property (Comprehensive) Trading Platform" to maximize the utilization of patent patent resources.

The first "1 + 3 + 9 + N" intellectual property linkage system realized the fastest case adjustment, "Door Door" Tour Tribunal realizes the former judicial trial, "Alliance leads" to achieve the best industry autonomous, formula "Tonglu County Enterprise Overseas intellectual property rights work mechanism, established the first "Intellectual Property Disputes People’s Mediation Committee" in Hangzhou, and the successful transfer of 10 intellectual property infringement disputes in the offline successfully adjusted, and the compliance rate is 100%, and the intellectual property ecological environment is fully optimized. On this basis, fully promote the administrative decision construction of the patent infringement dispute, smooth administrative ruling, and build "online + line" integrated administrative ruling new mechanism, online relying on "Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online" Accepting Patent There are 12 cases of the administrative ruling in the infringement dispute. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.