Beijing Miyun: The red course "walk"

"Although living in Beizhuang, I don’t know much about Bezhuang’s history. Through practice courses, I learned the history of Beizhuang’s anti-Japanese war, I know the heroic deeds of the hometown people, I love my hometown.

"This is the profound experience of Xia Zi, the first (2) class of Beizhuang Middle School, in the old site of UNITA, in Beijing, Miyun, a deep feelings of Summer Samsuzi, have a lot of students. Recently, Miyun District 上海玩外菜 The Beizhuang Middle School organized "inheriting the red gene, practicing the ecological civilization – welcoming the 100th anniversary of the party", and teachers and students start from the school, and they have passed the Beizhuang Village, Zhujiawan Village, anti- Village, Dalings Village, and final Arrived to the Upper Unscision Union County Government’s site and memorial, and the round trip is about 25 kilometers. After walking 4 km walking distance, the small modern square on the side of the Zhujiawan Village Committee has been carried out here. After a simple rest, the students embark on the "Red Tour" journey and go to the old site of UNITA – Daling Village. In the Umping Censions United County Government, the students learned the anti-Japanese War of Miyun and Beizhuang. And the history of revolutionary 上海新茶 struggle, history, moral and rule of law and other subjects to guide students to complete the study of the task order. According to the relevant person in charge of the Miyun Education Commission, Miyun District has combined the regional advantage, combining the comprehensive practical courses with the red resources, open Red practice courses, pay attention to multi-participation in students, teachers, parents, and society, letting red cultural genes into practice curriculum teaching, let students feel the history of hometown blood struggle in walking, inherit red genes. Red resources in Miyun District At present, there are 37 patriotic education bases in the whole district, with the old site of the Guibeikou Campaign, UNITA, the old site of the hero mother, the hero mother, Deng Yufen, is a typical representative.

上海最新油压论坛 In addition, Gu Beikou Middle School in red resources has also carried out comprehensive practical courses. The teachers and students of the whole school have walked to the Guibeikou defending Monument and "Guibeikou Great Wall Anti-Japanese War Seventh Warrior Monument", revisiting the ancient North Exit Defense and anti-Japanese During the war period, the seven warriors blocked the Japanese army two-day heroic deeds.

Taishizhuang Middle School organized students to the Tour of Tai Shilu Jin Chongshan Martyrs Cemetery launched the theme of "Remember History, Remembering the Martyrs". The New Town Middle School organizes students to sacrifice the fog, the martyrs, and launched a comprehensive practical course of "remembering the martyrs, unforgettable". It is reported that the theme practice courses carried out by each school have clear task orders. Guo Fuwen, the principal of Gu Beikou Middle School, and various disciplines have carefully designed task orders for students, break the discipline, and make students bring problems " ", Truly let the red course integrate into the child’s blood, rather than only staying at the level of knowledge, and give full play to the education value of red resources.

"It not only cultivates students ‘ability to actually apply knowledge, but also causes fundamental transformation of students’ learning methods." Liu Chang, Geography Teacher, Bezhuang Middle School, said that the disciplines have been integrated, gradually constructing scientific, reasonable curriculum system The knowledge system between the disciplines and the contact invisible is in the heart of the students; the teacher’s cohesiveness is also stronger.

"Only by understanding hometown, we can love your hometown.

"The President of Beizhuang Middle School said that in order to comprehensively practice the course, the relevant teachers of the school, leaders three field surveys, and negotiate with the village committees along the way," to make a careful design arrangement. " Inheriting the red gene, strengthening the ideal beliefs of students’ sake hometown. "Qin Huairong said." This practice course not only grinds me the will, but more importantly, let me further familiarize my hometown, in the old site of the Junghopian County government, listen to the deeds of the heroes, I understand that the happy life is them Life is exchanged.

We will work hard to learn and make your hometown better.

"Zhang Yanqiu, the teacher of the Bezhuang Middle School. According to Zhang Yanqiu, Director, Director of the Teacher’s Training College, Miyun District, has become a school’s characteristic course.

"By visiting red rains, let students know the red history of their hometown in the process of walking, inheriting red genes.

Achieve the important role of courses, cultural and educated people, activity and educating people, practicing education, playing the topic practice activities.

Zhang Yanqiu said.

(Qian Yumei) (Editor: Mensus, Gaoxing).