Haikou multi-initiatives can settle their own talents

Original title: Haikou multi-initiatives have settled in March 16. The reporter learned from Haikou Public Security Department that in response to the peak of recent talents settlement business, Haikou will take the increase in network reservoirs to transfer, and guide the masses through the network. To provide more settlements to the majority of foreign people, ensuring that the masses have settled and smooth. It is understood that the network reservation number of Haikou City has now 桑拿论坛最新上海 increased from 170 sources from 170 numbers to 240 sources, further meeting the needs of talents, and Haikou’s various certificates will also carry out dynamic supervision, ensuring that the masses can make a successful appointment . The masses who have only settled the needs of the people can also pay attention to the "Coconut City Police Tun", and the full line is handled. Haikou public security reminds, if the group is required to go to the Office for the Office, please be sure to make an appointment through "Coconut City Police Tongtong". After the appointment, the people who have not appointment can submit materials to the materials, and then reserve it later. (Reporter Deng Hailing) Online Falling Process 1. Entering WeChat Public No. 2. Click "Minsheng" Subwater 3. Select "No View Approve 上海名媛群二维码 Hall" 4. Click "House-Government" service 5. Select "Talent Settlement" 6. Select the settlement category according to the actual situation 7. Identification detection 8. Picture of uploading materials 9. Audit 10. If you have any questions in the process of mail, you can click to 爱上海龙凤419谈论 view the on-the-service guide in the page. There is also the service hotline of the relevant departments, which is convenient for the masses to ask the appointment process. . Select "Talent Settlement" 6. Choose Settlement Category 7. Click to make an appointment to apply.