90 After the wife, the wife is going straight to the anti-vlotrand: "Not afraid, because we are well trained"

"Country needs, and I am just!" I want to be a child’s example, we come to the front line of new coronavirus pneumonia, come to Wuhan, not because we are great, 上海寻凤阁 just in the country, we just need, we just Can. We are now a parent, and we hope to make a role model for your baby. I hope she can become a person who knows grateful and useful.

Now, my child is helped by my mother-in-law and aunt, my family let me rest assured that I have supported me and my husband. I have worked more than eight years in the post of the emergency department. When I first learned the doctor, I 上海龙凤shift didn’t have a doctor in my family. I felt very helpless, and my grandmother’s willingness is also hope that I am a medical worker. Author, so, when I fill in volunteers, I chose to learn medicine when I was in volunteering. In order to fight this epidemide, many people are paying silently, and I am a medical staff, a member of the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team. In 2018, I also won the Guangdong Provincial Excellent Group, and now a party member, I I think, I should do a power for Wuhan.