7 to 9th, the city has shower

  On September 6, Chongqing Daily reported that the Municipal Meteorological Bureau learned that from 7 to 9, there was shower in the south 上海闵行水磨验证 of our city, and the remaining regions were cloudy.

On the 3rd to 5th, there was a heavy rainfall in the stream of Qulujiang, Jialing River, Qijiang, Lijiang River and Yangtze River (Yibin – Chongqing Section).

  It is expected that nights to 8 days during the day, there is shower in the middle of the city in the South, the rest of the cloudy area, the temperature is 14 ~ 30 ° C; the central city is 上海嘉定品茶上门 cloudy, the temperature is 23 ~ 29 ° C.

  On the evening of the 8th to the 9th, the city is in the south of the city, the rain is cloudy, the remaining area is cloudy, the temperature is 15 ~ 32 ° C; the central urban dispersed shower is clouded, the temperature is 23 ~ 30 ° C.(Reporter Cui Wei) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.