Convenience! The first smart sports community appeared in the South Bank

  The neighbors play a video jump aerobics played with a large-screen large screen. Guo Xuke People’s Network Chongqing November 18th "New Wisdom Sports System in Community, let us exercise more and more convenient.

"Recently, Zhang Ji Fang and several old neighbors living in the South Bank and Nanshan Road did not have to go to the Community Square Dance Sports Area, and the video played with a large screen.

Many passing neighbors heard music, and also took out the mobile phone registration, join the team of exercise. On this intelligent display, you will play different sports project training guidance video every day, which is convenient for residents to scientifically exercise, and the other end of the screen, residents can in WeChat 上海后花园花千坊 applet "Nan’an Smart Sports Community "In the registration, participate in fitness public welfare class, check your own exercise, and learn about the surrounding fitness.

It is understood that the Nan’an Sports Development Center jointly promoted the University of Shanghai Lu Dao Mei Technology Co., Ltd., launched the "Intelligent South Bank" Wisdom Sports Community Construction. At present, the pilot community and the Hanshan Road hardware facilities are basically completed, and the active volume has reached 600 people.

  The fitness trails in the community are laid smart sensation equipment, which can grab the sports data of the residents. Guo Xu takes the smart sensation equipment, which can be discounted in the field of fitness trails, children’s sports districts, badminton, table tennis 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 courts, basketball courts, etc. in the residents, and basketball courts. To residents’ exercise data, such as sports projects, long-lived time, consumed calories, will eventually form a community sports, providing a basis for subsequent resident health management.

  Liang Xundeng, Vice President, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said that the smart sports community has conducted an uninterrupted collection of residents’ fitness, and then conducts large data analysis, feedback to residents, and provides healthy China. Improve national fitness levels and have important significance to community grassroots governance.

  As a pilot community of the project, the relevant person in charge of the Nanshan Road community in Haitangxi Street said that intelligent scientific and technological means 上海实体水磨会所 combined with sports, guiding residents to carry out sports, this form makes residents more interested, and enriched everyone’s sports Method, and optimize the sports environment of public space and creates a very strong sports atmosphere. Neighbors are danced in the community square dance sports area, followed by big screen playing aerobics. Guo Xu photo accelerates the "15 minutes of community fitness circle" landing, and do a good job of "fitness space at home".

Fu Nina, deputy director of the Nan’an Sports Development Center, said that the smart sports community is the core of "Internet + Sports Service" as the core, the created community national fitness service management, will realize the integrated national fitness data integration, sports public service online Socialization of the masses, the social evaluation of community sports evaluation, meet the multi-level demand for the multi-level and multi-level demand for sports.

  At present, the intelligent sports community project is carrying out pilot promotion.

In the future, the South Bank will build the wisdom sports community to become a new hotspot in the healthy life of residents, open a large health industry depth integration development model in five major fields in the field, and participate in sports activities to the "last kilometer" for community residents. .

(Chen Qi, Rao Jinlan) (Editor: Chen Qi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.