Cai Qi: Realize the social stability of the social stability as soon as possible

Original title: As soon as possible, the hidden risks are dried dry and sieved to realize the stable and stable and clear zero newspaper (Reporter Qi Mengzhu Fan Junsheng) yesterday afternoon, Cai Qi, secretary of the municipal party committee secretary and the leader of the municipal epidemic prevention and control work group, went to Fengtai District and Changping District to check the epidemic situation. Disposal work, visit and condolences at the staff who are on the front line of epidemic prevention. He emphasized that the prevention and control of the epidemic is the first task at present.

Fangtai District and Changping District have recently emerged in social scattered cases, and the risk of epidemic dissemination still exists in local existence. It is necessary to resolutely carry responsibilities, in order to take more decisive actions, sieve the hidden risks as soon as possible, and realize the stability of society.

Wei Xiaodong, chairman of the CPPCC, Zhang Yankun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and deputy team leader of the leadership group of the prevention and control work.

  Zhangguozhuang Sispot Village, the Erqi Vehicle Factory Community of the Beigong Town, Fengtai District, and the East District of Longxiang District, Huilongguan Street, Changping District, found confirmed cases or cases of case activities. Cai Qiqi inspected and scheduled the emergence of the epidemic, and learned more about the traceability, personnel transfer, nucleic acid detection, service guarantee, etc., and pointed out that districts should establish joint prevention and control collaboration mechanisms to strengthen cross -regional linkage for epidemic disposal.

The seal (management) control area adheres to the grid management, epidemic prevention and services must be grasped. The Dragon Boat Festival is here. It is necessary to send dumplings to residents so that they can also live a good festival. Care about the front -line workers of the epidemic prevention, do a good job of heatstroke prevention and personal protection. During the inspection, Cai Qi emphasized that the current stability of the city’s society is in the two districts of Fengtai and Changping. The emergency response mechanism of immune -related risks should strengthen the scheduling, adhere to the cooperation of San Gong (workers), speed up the traceability of flow adjustment, analyze the association comparison, and check the infection chain as soon as possible.

Risk points and personnel should be quickly controlled and controlled to prevent the risk of the epidemic from spilling. Strictly seal the management area management, match the work forces, and strengthen inspections.

Epidemic prevention work must have both intensity and temperature. First -tier workers must solidify the opinions of the masses, enhance service awareness, be patient and meticulous, listen to the demands of the masses, help solve practical difficulties, meet the needs of medical medicines and life, and take care of them. Special groups such as old, weak, and disabled and students in the middle and college entrance examinations are studying for preparation. Carry out nucleic acid screening at high quality, do a good job of on -site organization and order maintenance, and improve the quality and efficiency of sampling detection. Arrange the personnel to rest reasonably, and the nucleic acid sample volunteer training is qualified as soon as possible.

Strictly implement various measures for social prevention and control, and strengthen the inspection of communities (villages), units and public places. Strengthen the analysis and judgment of the epidemic situation, dynamically adjust the prevention and control strategy, and firmly promote the dynamic zero action. City leaders Sun Meijun, Zhang Jiaming, and Lu Yan attended. (Responsible editor: Meng Zhu, Bao Congyue) Share let more people see it.