"Everbright" experience appointment appointment for a tax exchange experience will be upgraded and then upgraded

Recently, the State Administration of Taxation Monte Municipal Taxation Bureau accurately connects service needs, and effectively helps taxpayers to be able to master the tax settlement process through the "one -to -one" counseling on the spot, and accurately report the special additional deduction project to ensure that the taxpayer understands the declaration, and the taxpayer understands the declaration. Will operate. From March 1st to June 30th, 2022, it was the annual period of comprehensive personal income tax in 2021.

In order to improve the efficiency of tax handling and the application experience, and prevent the initial period of taxpayers in the early stage of the inconvenience of the taxpayer, the taxation department launched an appointment service for taxpayers who need to handle demand for the initial period of the year (March 1 to March 15). The taxpayer can log in to the mobile phone "Personal Income Tax" mobile phone app every day from February 16 to March 15th to 22:00 to make an appointment. From March 16th to June 30th, taxpayers do not need to make an appointment, and they can apply at any time to apply at any time. Annual tax calculation. In order to allow the taxpayer to "early adopters" in a timely manner, the taxation department of Honghe Prefecture has adopted multiple measures to publicize and counsel the annual calculation of taxation services, further improve the annual exchange service mechanism, and ensure the efficient advancement of annual exchange calculations.

Special personnel docking and eliminating "novice" exchange calculations worry that the Institute of Silal Mulberry Bee Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Academy of Agricultural Sciences has replaced the taxpayers who docking taxation work. For the difficulty, Jiang Jun, the tax personnel of "new", seemed to be "made of bamboo". It turned out that under the guidance of tax cadres, she had experienced the convenience brought by the personal income tax annual exchange appointment service: "The appointment service launched by the tax department is very humane.

Moreover, the tax department will arrange cadres to provide us for targeted counseling during the annual exchange calculation, which is very intimate. "According to the taxpayer information declared by the local tax department, the taxpayer information declared by the withdrawal unit, relying on the tax service hall, online micro -class, financial intermediary agencies, use SMS, the inner heatline reminder, and the interactive platform of the collection. Promote the "Personal Income Tax" mobile app appointment tax service.

When the Montzi Taxation Bureau cadres Li Fen promoted the appointment tax to handle taxes: "When we actively publicize the appointment tax handling service, we also conduct analysis of the type of group should be calculated, do a good job of the deduction unit and the taxpayer, and determine the responsibility to be responsible for responsibility The tutoring tax cadre team, do a good job of pre -work, ensure that taxpayers can smoothly handle the annual calculation of personal income tax. "Actively promoting and increasing taxpayer’s sense of gain will continue to expand with the taxpayer’s base. Become normal, the ability to coordinate the tax system on taxation services and higher requirements for online taxation platforms have put forward higher requirements. In this regard, the taxation department of Honghe County fully integrates taxpayer service channels, actively launch "intelligent" push services, and actively promotes the publicity and publicity of taxes on taxes through the "cloud tax" taxation platform, WeChat public account, and tax enterprise exchange group Calculate the service and operation steps to actively guide the taxpayer’s peaks to calculate, and realize the tax service effect of the platform+service "1+12". "The taxation department is very powerful. After receiving the tax annual exchange appointment policy promotion of the tax department pushed by the tax department, I will make an appointment for a few seconds." Li Youfu, the financial person in charge of a sugar company in Honghe County, The personal income tax annual amount of the personal income tax is approved to apply for service.

Hu Chun, the financial leader of a company in Shiping County, said for the appointment. She said: "The taxation department actively goes to the factory to promote the appointment for the annual exchange of taxes. Essence

Our company has a total of 151 employees. Through the propaganda and counseling of the tax department, we plan to arrange employees to make timely appointments in batches, and successfully complete the annual tax calculation as possible before the production equipment is put into use. Production line. "Listening to answer in detail the taxpayer’s questioning in Jinping County, the local tax department uses SMS to distribute and establish a corporate WeChat group, etc., use the advantages of the network platform to promote policy publicity, and guide the taxpayer to enjoy the new tax on the" personal income tax "mobile phone app. Annual exchange calculation appointment service, and reasonably planned time according to his own situation. Zhang Yan, the taxpayer of Jinping County People’s Hospital, said: "Tax supervisors in time through WeChat to explain in detail how the tax annual exchange calculation should be for us. Appointment, how to operate, it is really warm! "According to Sun Libin, a staff member of the Jinping County Taxation Bureau," We promoted taxpayers to tax units and enterprises through the relevant policies of the taxation unit and enterprises through the cloud tax platform, and guided taxpayers to complete the annual tax calculation of the tax through appointment services, and achieved the peak peaks. The handling brings a better taxation experience to the taxpayer.

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