"Please call me director" "Beast Tampers" tame "Little Tyrannosaurus"

  The love workplace drama "Please call me director" Tan Songyun Lin updated the new express news reporter Liang Yanfen reported that the urban drama "Please call me director" will be premiered on the 29th. One is a lively "beast trainer".

From the workplace to love, from mutual relationships to mutual cherishment, in the end the two career love is wrong.

  "Please call me director" tells Ning Meng, who dreams of becoming an investor since childhood, and became the secretary of the president.

Huang Lan, who had fucking "My First Half of Life", "Rugao Biography" and "Hot Mom True Story" as the producer. She laughed that this drama takes into account love and workplace. Women can get better love. " Director Yao Tingting is good at using women’s perspectives and young and delicate ways to tell the story. In her opinion, the male and female protagonists of the play have grown up with each other and eventually become a better self. At the same time, the plot also tells about how love and workplace are balanced. In the workplace shape, the episode has made great efforts. In order to create a more authentic investment in the life of the workplace workers, the main creative team went deep into the investment bank’s personal experience. Lin Xinxin played Aojiao Batthalin in the play. He believes that this tyrant is always "high -cold, but there are a lot of words. In short, he is very tortured." When asked about his own characteristics, Lin Xinxin smiled and answered: "First of all, gender must be." As for how to be a male god? Lin Xinxin said that in fact, he didn’t care too much about maintaining the so -called male god image. Anyway, what should be done: "Pay attention not to make blessings, and make makeup properly." And Tan Songyun plays the heroine Ning Meng at the beginning as the president secretary, In the later period, he will become the director.

People are named, their appearance is smart, small and cute, and their hearts are very explosive.

When the Great President of the Aojiao Drug Tongue, Ning Meng, who encountered the big tail wolf behind the small white rabbit on the surface, kept talking between the two, and was fighting at anytime, anywhere, like a master’s trick. It is reported that this is "Please call me director". One of the biggest highlights. Talking about the relationship between the two in the play, Tan Songyun said that in the play, he was "dominated" by the boss Lu Jiming.

At the same time, Tan Songyun believes that in fact, the two are also a relationship between one thing. Lin Xinxin believes that the two are sweet abuse. Talking about this cooperation, Lin Xinxin said that he hadn’t seen Tan Songyun’s drama before. This time it was also the first partner, but the two cooperated very well. The director Yao Tingting was also highly affirmed about Lin Xinhuan and Tan Songyun, and believed that the two people and the role were very high: "They all gave their things on the role, and they were more alive than the characters in the script." Essence