"Audiovisual China" achieved significant results

  The English version of the TV series "Beyond". The producer’s "Audiovisual China" series of activities and the opening of the "Beijing New Audiovisual" event recently launched in Beijing.

The event was hosted by the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, and was supported by the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, the Dongcheng District Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the People’s Government of Dongcheng District.

  "Audiovisual China" is a large -scale international communication activity implemented by the State Administration of Radio and Television since 2019. It aims to better play the unique advantages of audiovisual works and enhance cultural exchanges. As of now, the event has established 58 TV China Theater overseas, promoting nearly 100 Chinese outstanding works such as "Xi Jinping’s Governance", "Beyond", "Merit", "Ice and Snow Winter Olympics Village", etc. Out, and a number of colorful audiences have been held in Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar and many other countries.

  In 2022, the "Audiovisual China" series will focus on the five major themes of "Beijing Winter Olympics", "Community of Human Destiny", "Belt and Road", "China Decade" and "Global Development initiative". The booth ", the" TV China Theater "on the mainstream media overseas, the Chinese channel on the overseas online audiovisual platform, and the" audiovisual communication week "and other forms of the relevant national mainstream TV and online audiovisual media will be broadcast online and offline programs With the promotion, continuously deepen exchanges and cooperation with media from various countries, and cultivate new momentum of international communication.

  At the launching ceremony, the English version of the TV series "Beyond" was also launched.

It is reported that "Beyond" is currently broadcast on the Astro platform of Malaysia and Hong Kong TVB. New media platform.

In addition, 5 Chinese TV dramas such as the Ara language "Awakening" and "Shanhai Love" will also be broadcast on the Dubai Media Corporation of the UAE and China -Arab TV. At the event site, the construction of the China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference and the National Cultural Export Base Construction of China (Beijing) in 2022. (Responsible editor: Zhao Xinyue, Yue Hongbin) Share let more people see recommended reading.